Toby Moate - artist

Here is my webpage! I have been placing artworks on saatchiart where I have 400 or so diverse artworks. Viewing there is a little more sophisticated than on here - e.g. in 'view in a room' application and get sizes, prices  etc, rather than me repeating things here. Just give it a go and you'll get the drift pretty soon. Alternatively just go straight there at


NB the prices ther ar eincluding 30% commission which you don' thave to pay if you deal directly with me...all negotiable of course.....:)


I can of course do commissions to fit your wall size and colour  (don't scoff you fine art snobs out there - that is what 'most of us' want on our walls - unless you believe you are 'sopphiss' by wanting a frozen blood head bust in your sitting room or Tracey Enim's bed . Having said that some wallpapermakes this a challenge  (take note JJ and J).


Do scroll through my pictures and see what you think and of course contact me on my phone or via email if you want a chat. There is a comments section too...though people seem to be a little coy!




PS - I am on the dreaded (anti) social network Facebook too - the creator of more misery and intimacy-stunted humanity than most illicit drugs and sky sports.


PPS All measurements are approximate (some more than others!). 

I loved doing this for a christmas card - especially the cad photo....and me pretending to be Santa with my dear old Blobby dog - now in heaven (or Lapland?)