About me

I have lived and worked in Cheltenham since 1993, having travelled around a little in my alter ego as a doctor and psychiatrist (part-time) through London, Jersey and Bristol. 


I work in Charcoal, pastels, acrylics, oils, and wierd mixed media stuff involving a lot of paint and glue, spraybottles, syringes and mess (the paint goes mostly over me - hurray!). I have done the occasional sculpture, collage, and plaster reliefs and photographic work too (mainly for cards).


I am happiest doing what I did when I was 4 - being very messy, making stuff that makes me and others feel something (hopefully uplifting), which is what art is all about, isn't it? - that is  when you cut out all the esoteric, twaddle that comes out of the mouths of artists and critics alike. Occasionally I feel really proud of what I have done, but am always working to get better. Van Gogh would have sold a lot better in his 15 year "learning process" in the wilderness if he had been a little less precious and sold stuff even when he knew he could do better ...and of course the internet would have helped.


I always wanted to go to art college, but was far too 'sensible'  - or rather my parents were - "get a vocation!" - said my father who was an art lecturer - "if you go to art college you'll end up being a teacher, and you don't want to do that the way education is going". How right they were. Not that being a teacher isn't  great, but the institution of education in Britain now? - I saw a lot of fantastically dedicated, but disillusioned, depressed, bullied, middle-aged teachers as a psychiatrist, being forced out by silly changes (just like the NHS! - which is why I am leaving that other mucked-about institution). Thanks Pops.


Since 2008, when I went part-time as a psychiatrist working for the NHS, I having been doing more and more arty stuff, which I always 'dabbled in' before (see me at 4 years old being messy - or am I trying to be a DJ?). I go to classes which keep me on my toes and constantly learning - a wonderful place  - Cheltenham Fine Art School - look it up on the internet at - I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to 'have a go'.


I now work from Helios House - which is my fab studio at the bottom of my garden, which was named by a friend P as it is so sunny - maybe Toby's Messy Arty Emporium may be more accurate. I have fellow painting chums round for tea and painting and chats often.


I have sold from galleries in Cheltenham (currently Brian Crosby's in Montpellier), but up until now sales have been mostly through word of mouth recommendations, which is rather flattering - though Things are picking up with the internet.  100 pictures in 5 years ain't bad! I have pictures up in offices and bars around Cheltenham too (Hamptons, Bar 50, Mocha, John Gordons and have pictures in homes in California, London and elsewhere in Britain, St Tropez, New Zealand and of course Cheltenham.



Prices range from £100 (I can be really quick) to £1500+ for something special, and will be happy to do portraits, invitations and commissions.




Toby Moate

Phone: 07798 517047



quick sketch of me in action! 60 x 50cm - acrylics on canvas