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27th January ..... It would be lovely to hear from you - criticism of various varieties accepted!?!.






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  • José, Pepe, J, D & B (Tuesday, November 08 16 04:09 pm GMT)

    Dear Toby:
    Here we are somewhere in Sotogrande (Spain) loving it all!
    We heard there was an obscure artist worth viewing from The Cotswolds and we found him!!!
    Hope to see you soon before they don´t allow the english to travel!!
    Love from José, Pepe, Jane, Danny and Bubbles (the cat).

  • Charles Price (Wednesday, November 04 15 10:32 am GMT)

    Hi Toby
    Was it you who used to be in No 1a Suffolk Road ?
    Always wanted to buy one of your large cityscapes.
    Do you still do that sort of work, or was it your colleague Charles ?

  • Leyla Sanai (Thursday, January 29 15 12:19 pm GMT)

    Have only flicked through your landscapes so far, but many of them are stunning. Atmospheric, haunting, beautiful. Something of Van Gogh\'s Starry Night about a couple, amd the ones of woods are
    gorgeous. Have written to you via facebook.

  • Steve Arnott (Saturday, July 19 14 10:46 am BST)

    Hi Toby

    Came across your website by chance. Love it and you look to be having a lot more fun as an artist. The studio in the garden must be a real haven/heaven. All the best and hope to see your work in the
    flesh sometime, there is wonderful energy in the palette of colours that you use.

  • Charlotte Roberts (Thursday, May 15 14 09:16 pm BST)

    Hi Toby, fab pictures! I was wondering if anyone had contacted you about a Bart's reunion on Sat Oct 11th. Let me know whether you are interested

  • Heather (Monday, June 10 13 07:14 pm BST)

    Love to come to the exhibition Tobes!

  • daniel moate (Saturday, April 20 13 09:14 pm BST)

    lots of love


  • Toby (Saturday, February 02 13 09:48 am GMT)

    Yes Ms F-F, Van 'Go' was indeed paid more than a postal worker to do what he wanted for ten years. However he did produce rather a lot of pictures (800+) - many of them 'rather good' - while
    struggling with his contradictory mental demons. He just didn't have the opportunity to advertise himself very well.... and having read a few books on the subject, I have yet to discover more than a
    little of what Theo actually did to sell anything himself, but I am still ignorantly on the case. :)

  • Deborah FitzgeraldFitzpatrick. (Saturday, February 02 13 07:36 am GMT)

    Van Gogh wasn't so much precious, more over just incapable. I do believe he bartered for his beer ( whilst his brother who was aware of his ineffectuality financed him.) Not that I'm picking hairs.
    Great site Hamilton Dean.