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March 2017

A couple of eventful months! Featured in Cotswold Life - March edition. Resulted in instant sale of first prize winner. Also multiple sales of paintings and prints.  I shall be able to afford a few extra baked beans this month. :)

View From Crickley Hill To Severn Vale - Sold March 3rd to the smashing Christine m and family


View Over Cheltenham Froim Window II - Sold to David O - >hurray<

Light Through Trees II - Sold to Helen B.... :)

Black Forest Gato II - 20 x 20 inches acrylics on card - to Katherine P....:)

Pink Sky & Sand III - sold to Katherine P

Self Portrait - MPD - 20 x 20 inch print sold to Katherine P - :)

Hot Stuff - 16 x 16 inch print sold to Katherine P - :)

Foliage To Sky - sold to Maggie W - :)

January 2017

Exhibition at Corinium Museum/Gallery, Cirencester - 15th January - February 5th 2017 - Competition for 'Art Inspired By The Cotswolds'


First Prize to Me (Hurray)


View From Crickley Hill to Severn Vale

-43 x 27 x 0.2 (approx) -acrylics on wood canvas panel. for sale



Some works sold - end 2016

a few paintings

November 2016

June 2016


"Long time no see". Life remains complicated, but have now stopped procrastinating and catalogued and photographed just about everything I have ever made. Recent appearances in World of Interiors (June) and Cotswold Life (? January). Won a couple of 'special mentions' in internet competitions.

New Stuff (or finally finished)


December 2015

Been away rather too long. Concentrating on putting paintings etc on http://www.saatchiart.com/tobymoate

Now have 300+ pictures. As you can view in a room etc it is better in many ways than here. Obviously the site does charge 30% commission so it is good to VIEW but purchases can be got via me direct.

Anyway here are some sales and new pictures.



May 2015


Ended up in a competition........didn't get picked but had a fun time in the rain at Trelissick Gardens, Cornwall. During a downpour at the end of the day all the paint fell off my paintingjust before judging!  (left my unbrella 5 minutes away in the car). Still a new experience of being with 20 other soggy painters. 

April - May 2015


Again I have been neglecting my site. I have been rather involved in an Employment Tribunal against my previous bosses when I worked for the NHS as a consultant psychiatrist until they contributed to my becoming ill in 2011. I was criticised for not taking them to court sooner - and seemingly for not being an expert in law!!!....and was somehow 'just in it for the money' despite not being paid for a year.


Watch out any individual who stands up to big corporations. Justice is on their side. AND seek expert advice from employment solicitor ay your earliest opportunity, which was my mistake. (it is NOT as expensive as you think)


Ah well - I hold onto the consolation that no one can do the job I did in 2 days in less than 4!


While all this nonsense was going on, I was at least able to do a bit of 'art therapy', which kept me sane..


Big disappointment and injustice aside...........I am keeping busy. i have been showing some of my works at a contemporary painting exhibition at Brick Lane Gallery, London  for two weeks from May 13th - 24th. See below. Limited edition (Giclee) prints will be available there in various sizes from 7" x 7" up to 30" x 30" as shown below.



Goldfish Bowl (open print) - on saatchi art site .www.saatchiart.com/tobymoate

Dark Clouds Over Land - approx 60 x 40cm painting - poster paint and acrylics and glue on wood - to Nic and Mandy in exchange for 'services rendered' (barter)

Meadow To Brow of Hill - ~100 x 75cm - acrylics and poster paint on sand and canvas - to Leyla and Rob in Glasgow

Light Through Trees - ~ 60 x 35cm poster paint and acrylics on wood - To Leyla and Rob in Glasgow

A Room With A View (limited Edition Print - 24" x 24") - to a showhouse - mounted and framed - via Brian Crosby Gallery

Daffs in Studio Class - ~50 x 40cm - pastels and charcoal on paper - to Viv in exchange for classes - :)

Niaux Cave Painting (?UFO) - This was a commission for JJ. 30" x 40" on canvas - acrylics and poster paint on sand and canvas



New Stuff

Many of the 200+ works available as open prints on www.saatchiart.com/tobymoate

December 2014


Long time no see!


I have a new link. I have spent simply ages uploading loads of stuff to www.SAATCHIART.COM which is an opportunity to sell originals and prints to people in the TINTternet!


Some of the pictures/paintings are there for 'market research' (so you are allowed to scoff) and I have had some surprising results - some things being more popular than others. Things that I like others don't and vice versa! See below for some examples). The good thing is that once i have photographed and filled in all the required boxes I don't have to do a thing. The site will sell prints of the images as well as the originals (which I have to send obviously). I have already had one enormous 2 x 3ft canvas print purchased.


If you want to have a look then do click the link. To fully interact with the website you do have to register, but that very simple and no 'inappropiate' information is required and they then do NOT bombard you with junk mail. >HURRAY<


Unfortunately been a bit busy again with non-arty stuff, but NOW been getting back into it agian and had a recent 'share' at Montpellier Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham. As always had a lovely time meeting the public and various chums. Sold a couple of things and received some lovely complements.




Yum Yum

40 x 30cm - pastels 


SOLD on saatchi art site -


Light up Through Trees


PRINT sold - 3ft x 2ft on saatchi art site


New Pictures

August 2014


After a long break away from arty stuff - I have been pretending to be a lawyer - rather by accident/surprise - enough said about that......


Sold a few prints and just put beret back on to paint. Here are some offerings.




Some new Pictures

'SOLD' - mostly prints

10th April 2014


After a little time away from here, busying with an exhibition in the Garden Gallery in Cheltenham with chums Kate and Fran, Freddie and Rob (sound like Rainbow cast or a 60's pop group?) and slightly unpleasent legal work.....back to arty stuff. Another show planned for the first week of December. Maybe a christmas card or two on sale (note to sewlf - make greetings cards - look up limited edition law for jolly pictures)


Sold a few things at the exhibition/elsewhere (hurray) and gadding about getting replacements prints and a new bunch being planned. Specifically vaguely pleased with "Goldfish Bowl" which took me ages, and a collage 'Garden View to Fields".


Had a nice photographer Martin taking photos of a beauty in my house, which was a bit wierd. I shall never look at my coffee table again!


Three-quarters way through update - will continue soon. 


January 2014


Finally been able to get back to painting and being messy more full-time after a long period of having to other stuff - commitments to others, spring-cleaning/de-cluttering (not that you'd notice), making shelves etc etc.


Beret has been placed firmly on again.....


New stuff 

December 2013


Happy Christmas all! Will write more soon but a spike of jolly sales to warm the heart.




November 2013


Rather a busy time outside 'the making of pictures' dept right now with College moving, and Tarquin the truck exploding (head gasket and block died), and beginning to declog the hoarders paradise, which my home has become.


However here's a few bits and bobs that have appeared recently -mostly sketches and SPEED pictures.


Also the people I go to classes with put on a do at the Gardens gallery in Montpelier and I 'sold' a couple.


Record breaking again. the charcoal was not dried (ha ha) before my nude 'Sarah' below was swiped by Ant and Gary and Flo their lovely dog).


Another couple have been 'spirited'/bartered away.  





New Pictures

October 2013


I broke a record for a sale! - picture up in Mocha cafe for 26 hours before being sold to the lovely Hazel! A slow month so far but lots of threats of purchases. Off to plan covering the walls of chums 'hotel' flat with pictures, a commission or two and possibility of pictures up in another gallery in Montpellier. Goody


Sold Pictures

New Pictures

September 2013


The exhibition earlier in the month got loads of lovely comments - but everyone was poor and had left their platinum amex cards at home - bum!


I have finally bought some rather snazzy picture hanging stuff which means that I can pop most of my pictures up rather than tripping over them all stacked hither and tither (when I have drunk too much absinthe or am swooning or whatever arty types get up to). 



New pictures


August 2013 


Here are various pictures I have finally finished (and a couple that are 'Finnish' now as sold to chum in that country!). See also pictures that I am working on in the new page 'works in progress'. You can see what goes on from start to finish.


New page also - 'Prints'. I have put them here too as they are 'New'. My chum Brian has finished the first run of six prints and will be available as limited edition run of 75 (giclee) from his gallery in Montpellier - Brian Crosby Gallery, Montpellier Arcade, Cheltenham (look on his website in 'Links to other sites').


Later......Hot news - six more prints now done - see below



'Sold'/Given/Bartered Pictures

New Prints - see PRINTS page for details

New Pictures

July 2013


Back from France - Champagne region and Paris - with Gordon visiting his suppliers. Champagne region was beautiful, but everyone had been abducted by aliens or something as everything was shut. Do they have self watering plants and dogs with large bladders? Got trapped in the Paris flat loo and Gordon and I had to smash the door down with the help of a spritely neighbour's hammer and chisel! Paris was filled with gorilla-hairly, lothario men with very soft hands and manbags chatting up little girls. Silly Chinese maitre d' with plant growing on his head was very rude. Apart from that Paris was good. Driving was surprisingly enjoyable (french drivers are chaotic but considerate - one myth busted there). Derivative and very expensive art in many galleries. Fantastic rubbish bins. The occasional quite good bit of architectire and museum too, but too interested in gorillas, toilet studies and human plantage to get much of that done in the couple of days were there.


Couple of pictures done too - see below. xx 

June 2013


It has been a busy few weeks with the Open Studios exhibition in early June. Showed at Wyastone Hotel in Montpellier, Centre Arts and Cheltenham Fine Art School. Making frames and hanging pictures which fit the walls, and the ambiance (e.g. pictures in the dining room that emhance the appetite - no blood, gore or  naughty bits on show) - and of course the other artists.  We all sold pictures (see mine below) and lots threatened to buy, including some 'return custom' which is very flattering, but went off to look at this website once they knew about it. Goody/we shall see. I would probably sell more if I did more puppies and watercolours of Cotswold Cottages, but I'm allergic!


 The Wyastone has kept several pictures as they liked them in their sitting room and may well exhibit some elsewhere. My self portrait got several comments that I looked miserable. I was in fact just concentrating. I then looked up lots of famous self-portraits....they ALL look pretty glum (Note to Toby - "paint jolly self-portrait")


An old acquaintance has asked me to paint miniatures and make frames for her Victorian dollshouse(!?) so off to buy a microscope. 


Two commissions TOO. >Hurray<


More threats for an exhibition in Brian Crosby Gallery, Montpellier in ?August.


SO.....anyone who wants to buy pictures?....>do so promptly<....as once in there they will have a gallery mark-up price!


Of To France on July 4th with chum Gordon. First holiday in 2.5 years due to NHS-induced penury.

First staying in a friend's gite on their Champagne vineyard, some pottering around in Mini wearing berets and painting stuff,  then to Paris for a bit of touristy, rip-off cafe-au-lait activity (more berets methinks).



Sold/Lent pictures

New Pictures

May 2013


I am preparing for the our 'Open Studios' exhibition starting 8th June at Wyastone Hotel in Montpelier with chums Kate and Frances (see flier). I am also beginning to plan exhibition for July or August in a Montpelier gallery. I will be sending invites out to private view but if you want to come please send me an e-mail or leave your address on comments page. Whizz whizz whizz! xx


PS - read this for pure Arty nonsense - came across this quote given to me by my mate Angela some while ago from a book she had to endure on her MA course...


"Abstract space can only be grasped abstractly by a thought that is prepared to separate logic from the dialetic, to reduce contradictions to a false coherence and to confuse the residua of that reduction (for example, logic and social practice)" .


I THINK I have worked out what half of it means - and it is not worth it....


UTTER twaddle - I want to put it on a tee-shirt

Sold/Lent/Given Pictures - May 2013

New Pictures - May 2013

April 2013


3rd - Finally overcome my Luddite avoidant nature and updating the website. Whoever said that suffering/starving/freezing in a garret improves creativity is a silly twit. Various colds (NOT man flu and freezing weather means that the masterpiece (Ha Ha!) conveyer belt has slowed somewhat, though it has been serviced and oiled and seems to be chugging along again.


Sold a couple of pictures - one from Brian Crosbys gallery in Mountpelier, one from John Gordons vintners/bar, one from Mocha and three via this site (ish) - see below.


Up to London on the 10th with chum Angela to submit pictures for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (whether they get picked is another matter!).


Joined the open Studio week in June and will be showing in Wyastone Hotel (Montpelier) and at Centre Arts (off lower High Street).



Sold Pictures - transferred to 'Sold' page



New Pictures


Late January 2013


Picture(s) going up at Brian Crosby Gallery in Montpellier, and a few more pictures going to happy homes in London and Manchester. I am continuing to develop a secret new technique (level 6 security around Helios House - my studio!) and it seems to be bearing fruit.


January 2013

Hope everyone had a good enough Christmas and that 2013 is lucky. Here are a variety of pictures. Some are new and others I have just got round to framing (the small landscapes, 'coastlines' and 'sea froth'). Fortunately I sold pictures to Marysia and Ian, Tim, and Helen and have three or four possibles too and a commission (another nude!)! Some have gone up in Mocha the cafe: a couple of small landscapes (that I forgot to photograph before doing so - silly me) and 'coastlines' and 'greek garden steps' (now framed).


By popular moan I have now started pricing my pictures. Obvious thing to do really, but rather tricky to do sometimes. I hope you are mainly, pleasantly surprised.